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Answers to Your Burning Questions

What Happened to William Deering?

He reached out to me in late 2023, wanting to sell me the company. The reason he contacted me was so he can retire for personal reasons. I purchased the company and started operations in January 2024.

What is your return policy?

Sales are usually final, and warranty is offered on a case by case basis. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and I will immediately work to help resolve them.

Do you provide repairs?

No, we are a parts retailer and manufacturer.

You recommend Russ, Workhorse Customs, and R&D. Why?

II recommend them as I use their products or have worked closely with them in the past. I actually was a pump and injector builder at R&D for a while. I consider these companies as Friends, and we all share the same mission with upgrading, and keeping these truck on the road. 

Do you own an IDI?

I do, I daily a 91 F250, studded 7.3 (bored to a 7.5) 4x4, manual, extended cab, with billet rails, Personally built stage 1 injectors and a 110CC pump from R&D (along with many mods to the truck). It is running a prototype R&D intercooler with a prototype Russ Repair 6x/8x 9 blade Banks 2nd turbo, and 9 blade turbine. I also own a 1993 International 1652SC with a Grumman stepvan body and a 7.3 IDI with a 5 speed manual (reverse is left up and forward is left down, kinda funky if you ask me).

Why did you attach your name to the title?

Compliance reasons, but Will's influence and quality is paramount to how I build parts and run the company.

How can I help?

I am trying to create a free and interactive wiring diagram for these trucks. If you have any programming experience, I use the open source software Qelectrotech. If you look into it and think you could help me make a custom package, please reach out. I am also always looking for wiring harnesses to update. If you have one that I don't have, but you need, please reach out. I am always looking to work with the community to increase parts access while rewarding your time and patience. If you are interested in sending your original harness in before you need it, definitely reach out.

What's your background?

I started with small engines when I was a teen mowing yards in Missouri, I later got into old cars starting with an 88 Ford Ranger. I worked in a stamping shop out of high school, later selling classic car parts for company as the receiving clerk and catalog entry guy. I became a computer tech for a bit, and controversially was recruited at 21 to work with self driving cars (Uber, Waymo, Cruise) which I did on and off until 2023. I also have experience building EVs and medium duty trucks. My Full-time job now is an Industrial Mechanic working in water purification for Semiconductors, with experience in woodworking and Vac-casting for Aerospace. I am an overall systems technician, who specializes in full suite Automotive and Industrial Systems. But my passion is preserving history, and actually protecting the planet by reducing the demand for new cars. As contrary to modern propaganda, a new car is not better than an old one in any real metric. It's far more energy, time, and resource efficient to keep an old car on the road, replacing parts as needed, than to manufacture a new one. My knowledge and experience is now used to create the access we all need to keep these dinosaurs rolling for decades to come. 

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