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3G Alternator Install

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Before you do anything disconnect your batteries.

Unhook your old alternator. And remove it from the truck.

Swap your pulley from your old alternator to the new one. Make sure that you have proper clearance between the pulley and the alternator. 99% of the time you will have to put the lock washer behind the pulley. Use the included blue loc-tite on the pulley shaft and use an impact to tighten the nut.


And don't put the loc-tite on until just before your ready to tighten it down.

Install the new alternator in place of the old one.

Install the larger plug into the corresponding socket, and install the stator plug (smaller one) as shown. Install the longer of the 2 cables onto the large stud on the back of the alternator. You may need to install the nut and gently tighten it to seat it. Install the wire with the ring terminal onto the stud on top of the cable and and tighten it down.

Locate the green and red wire going to the i on the voltage regulator. Cut it off as close to the regulator plug as possible.

Connect the red and green wire to the green wire coming off the new alternator plug with the included heat shrink butt connector.

Mount your circuit breaker and connect the cables to it. Connect the cable to the either the battery or the starter solenoid. Either works. The 2nd cable has 2 different size lugs the larger lug goes to the battery or solenoid.

Disconnect the old power cable from the starter solenoid and remove the old voltage controller and wiring from the truck. Be mindful of other wires that are also with the old charging system that go to the AC and other places. Do not remove those wires.

Double check your work and if you have any questions contact us before continuing. It is always better to ask even if you feel it's silly. We are here to help.

Once you are satisfied with your work reconnect the batteries and verify voltage with a meter. You should be reading over 14v with the engine running and no lights or accessories on.

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