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6.9 Glow Plug upgrade harness

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The first step to installing the upgrade harness is to disconnect both batteries.


Trace the power wire from the controller to the fender solenoid. The easiest way to find it is to disconnect the wires from the solenoid, set your multi meter to ohms. Hold one lead to the end that was connected to the controller, and touch the other lead to the wire that was attached to the solenoid. When your meter reads 0.00 (no resistance) you've found the cable. Either remove it or cut the end off so it cannot be accidentally connected in the future.

Remove the solenoid for the glow plugs that's mounted on the passenger fender well, on the output side of the solenoid ther is 3 wires. 2 go to the glow plugs. The third wire which is a dark blue color is for your wait to start light. Keep track of this wire. You will need it later.

Locate where you want to put the controller.

We generally install the controller on the passenger fender well. In place of the glow plug solenoid that's currently there, 2 self tapping screws are sufficient to hold it.

Make sure that the black wire with the eyelet that comes off the controller is well grounded. Or it will cause you all sorts of problems.

The dark blue wire mentioned earlier will go on the end of the resistor (metal zig zag strip) that the glow plug harness connects to.

Remove the old glow plug harness from the glow plugs. You can either just unhook the harness, or completely remove it. Your choice.

Route the relocation harness inside of the engine bay, and connect it to the glow plugs.

Hook the copper lug on the harness to the stud at the end of the resistor strip on the glow plug controller. (On this picture we had to repair the blue wire with a bit of green. But you can see how it's connected)

Hook the orange wire to the stud with the red wire on the controller.

Hook one of the included power cables to the controller. Hook the end to the circuit breaker, hook the other cable to the circuit breaker.

Then connect it to the fender solenoid or the battery cable. DO NOT CONNECT THE BATTERIES YET.

On the back side of the engine, on the harness that's connected to the controller in the passenger head. There's a red wire with a green strip  This is your key power on

Cut the wire off the controller as close to the plug as possible. Strip a little insulation off. And crimp the connector on the orange wire to the red And green wire.

Double check your work and if you have any questions please contact us before continuing.

Once you are satisfied everything is installed correctly, reconnect the batteries and test.

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